How do I brew a cup of tea?


  1. Remove lid and fill bottle with water just under the sieve.

  2. Add loose leaf tea to the appropriate sieve and connect to lid. For hot tea, let cool for a few minutes before attaching lid. See our Sieve Guide for more info.

  3. Fasten lid as tight as you can. Make sure the clasp is secured and locked.

  4. Turn infuser on its head for appropriate steeping time. For Matcha, shake until dissolved. See our Steeping Guide for more info.

  5. Flip up and open away from your face to release any built up pressure.

  6. Sip, enjoy, repeat. You can also experiment with adding milk, sugar, honey, or other tasty ingredients!


Also you can check out our video with everything you need to know before you use your Mosi Infuser for the first time!


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