Before You Use



Before you use your infuser for the first time, please watch the video above or read the following important instructions and tips. You can also find more helpful information in the instruction manual that came with your order.


And don't forget to stock up on fresh garden-picked loose leaf tea!


Cleaning and Assembling

  • Please make sure to wash all parts before your first use. Don’t forget to open the cap and unscrew the drinking spout from the top of the lid as well as any sieve as well. Your infuser is dishwasher safe, and we recommend placing it on the top rack.


  • Once dried, it’s important to fasten the drinking spout back to the infuser as tight as you can to prevent leaking.





  • Feel free to add honey, sugar or milk to the bottom of the infuser to add flavoring to your tea.


  • Fill the infuser with water just under the where the sieve would hang. Add tea to the appropriate sieve and connect it to the lid.
  • For most tea, you only have to add 2.5 grams, which is about 1/4 of the sieve.


  • We encourage you to try filling your infuser by pouring it directly through the drinking spout. This makes it easier to fill the right amount of water directly below the sieve.
  • Water goes around the sieve, so you will not begin steeping until you flip the infuser over.


  • Make sure that the lid is fastened tight, and the clasp is secured and locked.


  • Flip the infuser on its head for the appropriate steeping time. We’ve included steeping times for different types of teas in the manual.


  • For matcha, simply shake the infuser until it’s fully dissolved.


  • When your tea is done steeping, flip it right side up.


  • Please remember that your tea is hot… really hot. So be careful when first opening your infuser.
  • We designed a two-step latch system to safely release the built up pressure and prevent the cap from fully opening, but we recommend placing your index finger on the top of the cap when you’re first opening your infuser to ensure the pressure releases in a safe way.




  • Now you are ready to enjoy your tea!
  • Our patented multi-sensory design enhances the flavor of your tea through chemosensation by allowing you to smell and taste your tea at the same time.


  • If your tea isn’t strong enough, simply close the lid and flip it back upside down to steep until you reach the right taste.


  • We encourage you to close the lid after each sip so your tea stays the right temperature longer. It will also prevent spills if it’s knocked over or falls.



We hope you enjoy your new Mosi Infuser, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Whether it’s in your backyard or exploring the unknown, we can’t wait to see where you take Mosi.

Please tag @mosi_tea on Instagram with the hashtag #whereibrew so we can all share in the adventure.


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